Payroll Services

We maintain payroll records for many of our clients. Payrolls can vary from monthly/four weekly and weekly payrolls. We process overtime claims, commission payments, bonus payments and account for agreed deductions. We calculate PAYE / NI deductions and advise when the remittance is due to be paid to the HMRC. We advise on the net payments that are due to be paid to your employees. We deal with new joiners and leavers and process all the relevant forms that are required by HMRC.

We are flexible in the services we offer, so if confidentiality is an issue we can maintain the payroll for key management, leaving the company to maintain the payroll for the rest of the workforce. We can deal with the end of year return and issue forms P60 to all members of staff. Our computerised systems enable us to file end of year returns online. We can also prepare end of year forms P11d for clients.

Real Time Information

Real Time information (RTI) is a new system that is being introduced by HMRC to improve the PAYE system which is currently in place. The introduction of RTI is to change the way in which information is passed from payroll departments to the HMRC.

RTI is due to start in April 2013, and will change the way that employers report on and send PAYE data to HMRC. By October 2013, all employers and pension providers will have to use RTI, as it is vital for Universal Credit to work. The basics of running your payroll will remain the same but what RTI does change is the way that employers report information to HMRC.

At Cripps Dransfield we are fully up to date with RTI, so if you have any queries on RTI please do not hesitate to contact us.

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

HMRC’s Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) has an extensive impact on contractors and subcontractors. Penalties can be incurred for failure to operate the CIS correctly which can result in fines for the business. In addition the current requirement to consider the question of employment status when engaging any subcontractors adds yet another layer of complexity.

Our services include:

  • Registration to CIS as a Subcontractor
  • Registration to CIS as a Contractor
  • Application for Gross payment status
  • Verifying Subcontractors
  • Advising on employment status
  • Preparation and submission of Monthly CIS Returns
  • Issuing Payment and Deduction statements to relevant subcontractors
  • Submitting Employers Annual Return Form P35
  • Chasing refunds due from HMRC or arranging for them to be offset against Corporation Tax liabilities

If you would like any advise on the above or would like us to operate your CIS on your behalf leaving you free to deal with the day to day operation of your business then please give us a call.